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There is no magic stick in creating memorable events. And you can not just hold your fingers crossed and hope your event will work out right.

Succeeding n event management takes up-to-date knowledge. To create a memorable and unique event that will leave the participants speechless it takes an event planner to be aware of every single detail; knowing the participants’ habits, being informed about the techniques of moderation and interaction, and last but not least, knowing the technological and other future trends.

All your questions on what it takes to create an unforgettable event will be answered, and the latest knowledge on event management will be shared by two regional event gurus. Mr. Gorazd Čad, editor-in-chief at Kongres Magazine and Mr. Miha Kovačič, the director of Slovenian Convention Bureau. The duo also created Conventa, the biggest trade show in the region.




JUNE 5, 2018

Don’t miss out the demonstration of “Power to the meetings” methodology by Mr. Čad, and the “Power to destinations” methodology by Mr. Kovačič. The gurus will share the experiences in more than a decade of co-creating the event industry in the region.

Besides the Slovenian event gurus, also some of your best local event planners will share their experiences, presenting them through cases of the best practices

Ready to join the sharing of knowledge and experiences?


Your local event gurus, who will accompany Gorazd Čad and Miha Kovačič on their knowledge sharing journey

Ines Nanič

Ines Nanič / Founder of Dubrovnik Event

Ines Nanic graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia in Dubrovnik in 2004 in Hospitality and Tourism. After a few years in 5 star hotel event management, Ines opens an event management company with her husband for tailor made weddings and events for international clients in Dubrovnik. Ines is a trend setter in destination weddings and is constantly looking for new challenges and new ways in bringing quality of service and guest experience to a higher level. Dubrovnik Event is today among market leaders in building a brand of luxury tourism in Dubrovnik. Ines is also one of the part time speakers at the Wedding Planner’s Academy in Zagreb since 2016., and writes a wedding  column in Croatia’s most renowned wedding magazine- Story Vjenčanja.
Mahir Hodžić

Mahir Hodžić / General manager at Global Security Ltd

Mr. Mahir Hodžić holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and works as a general manager at Global Security Ltd. He will present solutions and experience in building an annual regional event for more than 1000 participants. After graduating from the Faculty of Criminal Justice in Sarajevo in 2000, his first job was in the state sector where he worked as a Security Manager at the Internal Protection Department for one of the public companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2006, he made his first steps in the world of private entrepreneurship when he became an editor-in-chief of a&s Adria professional magazine for total security solutions, which is the title he had held for the past 12 years.  In the private security sector, he has been an active participant in a large number of seminars, conferences and presentations on an annual basis. He is the president of the organizing committee of the Adria Security Summit, a leading regional conference and exhibition dedicated to the security industry which brings together system integrators, designers, installers and security managers from renowned companies.
Ivona Dabetić Jovović

Ivona Dabetić Jovović / Executive director of Vision Event

Ivona Dabetić Jovović is the owner and executive director of Vision Event. She is master of economic sciences, specialized in international marketing and branding. Vision Event is five years old event management, marketing and PR agency, doing business in Montenegro. The agency is specialized in business events, doing some of the most significant business events in Montenegro. The core business of the agency is bringing the new trends in Montenegro which are attractive and already established worldwide. By researching the local market, identifying the needs of the market, they create a new event on a global level from the very idea, trough all aspects of the organization, to realization. She is the co-founder of regional Convention of women of Western Balkans, established with the main idea of empowering women society and which gathered the most influential women from country, region and the world, including Nobel prize winner Mrs. Shirin Ebadi. She is also the founder and president of NGO „Brini o sebi“ with the main goal of promotion of self-care and prevention of breast cancer. The campaigns, created and implemented by the NGO, changed the lives of many women in Montenegro by changing their self-care awareness.


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