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Open to all Conventa participants

Conventa Trend Bar sessions are short 20-minute presentations by meetings industry experts. Set in an intimate atmosphere, but still in the midst of the main trade show happening, Trend Bar sessions’ aim is to provide information, consultation and advice to all interested parties. From destination presentations, introductions of meetings industry newcomers to technology solutions,… You are invited to attend all sessions that fit into your Conventa schedule. Meet One-on-One with the experts!

Language of presentations: English

V.A.T. Refund - Basics for companies and business travellers

Led by: Deni Oreški, U Turn Tax Refund d.o.o, Croatia

We will explain how the companies and business travelers can reclaim VAT paid on international business travel expenses (accommodation, fuel, meal, taxi, fees…) from EU countries and NON EU Countries, what is procedure and how we can help them.

Access Bars

Led by: Ana Peskar, TimeOut Events, Slovenia

Have you been asking for changes in relationships, money flows, business, health but the change you somehow knew was possible never occurred? What if creating new possibilities and happiness was easy once you had the right toolbox to change things?

We’d love to introduce you to something called Access Bars. What is Access Bars? ‘The Bars’ is a touch point therapy that quiets the mind, brings us back into balance and creates ease, peace and a sense of well-being similar to a massage or meditation, except so much more. It is like formatting your hard disk to open up space for something different.

Ana Peskar, a certified Bars Facilitator, will give us a short introduction on the Bars and give us some easy-to-use tools to create a life we have always dreamed of. Ana has run her own team building&event agency for over a decade and that gave her a great insight into team dynamics. Seeing a decay of motivation and cooperation in teams and functioning more from apathy or competition, she searched for something different. She found the first magic wand in playfulness, as our key evolutionary element, which turns life into an adventure of learning, creating, discovery and having fun. And the other one in Access Consciousness, a set of pragmatic tools, that lead us away from judgments and problems and into choice and possibilities. She now empowers businesses, teams, parents, kids and everyone willing to see the gift and contribution they can be to this world.

Game-changing MICE technology for your event

Led by: Lisa Jeller, EventMobi, Germany

Did you know it took the telephone 15 years to get one million users, but the iPhone only 5 months? Technology is now evolving faster than ever, and keeping up is hard in a jungle of social media, event tech, project management tools and others. We’re here to help! What are some of the new technologies you as an event professional can use that can help you succeed? How can you make sure you keep your attendees excited and curious? And how can you make sure to no longer have a bad conscience when you leave the office by five, knowing there is still work to do?

Lisa Jeller, tech-enthusiast and Marketing & Event Coordinator with EventMobi will take you on a wild ride through the world of technology and show you useful tools to create successful, meaningful and sustainable events

Taste Sladogled, experience Bled!

Led by: Zala Praprotnik Sava Hotels & Resorts

Thanks to Sladogled, the ice cream flavour created for last summer in the pastry kitchen of Bled’s Hotel Park, Bled has won the flattering title of the world’s best ice cream destination in 2017!


Sladogled (meaning Ice cream with the view) is more than just a delicious ice cream flavour. Captured in a scoop of ice cream are the personal characteristics of a guest who stops in Bled, be it for a few hours, days or longer, and loves to return again and again. Sladogled ice cream has three layers: dark chocolate with raw cocoa beans pampers the side of you that brings you to Bled to enjoy the enchanting nature, the quinoa ice cream with almonds, cinnamon and raisins stimulates the part of your soul looking for motivation and reinvigoration, while the rich mascarpone nurtures your romantic side. Sladogled is Bled for everyone – Bled in a single story, in a single scoop.


Became a part of Bled and taste Sladogled at Conventa 2018: On Wednesday, January 24, 16.00 – 17.00, and on Thursday, January 25, 11.00 – 12.00, Marmorna Hall.

Overcoming challenges with content! Event case: Blind tasting with a top chef

Led by: Maša Budnar Radilović, Futura DDB

You will get an opportunity to see a great example of an event which achieved its goals by being carefully created and executed by involving some of the most efficient and meaningful solutions. We will make a special emphasis on importance of creating the right content and choosing the right channels according to the key messages, target audience, challenges etc.

Maša Budnar Radilović, an experienced event manager at Futura DDB who focuses on content to deliver key messages through event elements in a subtle, memorable and effective way; who strives for impeccable organization and coordination; and is not afraid to include other marketing channels into the events.

Unusual venues – How to find and use them for extraordinary events

Led by: Žiga Novak, Walnut Groove