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Incentives: Programmes to suit your needs


Photo credits: Ivo Biočina

In the city with a great history, extraordinary architecture, many cultural events and an attractive lifestyle, located in the beautiful Mediterranean surroundings, the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas for incentive travels. 

The City of Dubrovnik is a real treasure trove of stories and events inspiring authentic incentive travels.



Photo credits: Ivo Biočina

Rich history and dynamic daily life are a starting point for various interesting incentive and team building programmes. Some stories have already been told, and others may be waiting just for you.

A town with such a long tradition, numerous landmarks and stunning architecture, but also attractive surroundings,

Who said wow?

Photo credits: HTZ

They are not found in any catalogue, or on any ready-made forms.

Incentives in Croatia are unique, personalised and unforgettable experiences that meet every expectation… and more, much more…

Fly, five, sail, try, time travel and return, find a gold nugget and get to know the value of team work,

A walk through history

Photo credits: Sergio Gobbo

The UNESCO World Heritage List was recently expanded to include two additional Croatia sites.

Croatia’s contribution to Europe’s cultural and historical values and identity is priceless…

Two new sites in Croatia were recently inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.