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Event Design for Eventmanagers - An Introduction

Led by: Gerrit Jessen, 

Wednesday, 23 January and Thursday, 24 January 2019
from 09.00 – 12.00 in Urška 1 hall

About the lecture:

Do you:
-want to learn how to design innovative events that matter?
-need to know what’s next?
-want be equipped for innovation conversations with your stakeholders?
-need a brain spa with a proven Event Design method to ensure you know what is on the mind of your clients?
Get an Introduction how to design your next event with the #EventCanvas, facilitate your team through the
process and articulate the way your event creates value strategically or just approach events in a
different way. Analysing stakes, design and prototype with like minded peers using the #EventCanvas as a visual language for events.


About Gerrit:  Gerrit Jessen, CED CMM CMP is a seasoned entrepreneur, mentor, trainer and meetings industry adviser. For 25 years he has successfully lead and motivated teams to achieve personal and organizational success. Until 2016 he was leading the growth of MCI in Germany from 30 to 130 talents. Currently, he serves on the Board of the German Convention Bureau and was a member of the MPI International Board of Directors until 2017.

Read more about Gerrit here.

Language: English

10 Good Habits of Meeting Planners

Led by: Melinda Rebrek, Pirana Productions

15.00 – 15.45, Urška 1 hall

About the lecture: What makes a great meeting planner? The simple answer would be: many years of experience. But there are some tips and tricks that might help you if you are new in the business. Events are stressful, exhausting and sometimes draining, even though we love to do them, sometimes they just manage to wipe that smile off our faces. Would you like to learn how the best meeting planners and influencers plan an event, how they delegate tasks, how they react in different situations? Melinda would be glad to share with you the secrets of successful event organisation!

About Melinda: Started as Casting Manager in times when that profession in Slovenia was as common as E.T. Grew up in TV & Film production as Production Manager, Executive Producer, Script Supervisor, AD, etc. Mastered Event Management in all its variations while freelancing for marketing and event agencies and finally gladly embraced independency with Pirana Productions. A few years ago, a handful of dedicated individuals decided to face the challenge and put Slovene fashion on the map. Zvereene Institute was established and Ljubljana Fashion Week was born. The rest is history.

Language: Slovenian

ICCA Breakfast Session

(for ICCA members, associations, and those interested in learning more about the association meetings market)

08.00 – 09.30, Urška 4 hall

How regional cooperation means more business for your destination

How can you establish your destination on the international meetings market through regional cooperation and events? Why (and how) would you share information with your neighbors to drive mutual growth? And can it really work for you? Successful regional cooperation can bring fantastic results! By coming together with your regional colleagues to use each other’s connections, partnerships, and industry strengths to grow together, you can take advantage of mutual success to drive your own growth.

 Start your day off right with a strong dose of inspiration! Join us over breakfast to hear from leading Central and Southern European association executives and destination marketers about how they tapped into the possibilities of regional events and meetings to simultaneously strengthen their local markets and stimulate their region’s profile on the international stage. You’ll walk away with new ideas and tricks of the trade – and most importantly, learn how you can utilize the strengthening of regional offerings to bring knowledge and new business to your destination.

This event is sponsored by Conventa. All ICCA members, associations, and those interested in learning more about the association meetings market are encouraged to attend. Space is limited.

Language: English

``The ``I`` in MICE

11.00 – 12.00, Urška 4 hall
About the lecture: “The “I” in MICE: how Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) can connect you with the fastest growing, highest spending, widest impact sector in Business Events”
About Patrick: Dr Patrick Patridge, Business Events expert and SITE leader, shares the good news about incentive travel and how, through SITE, you can  connect with global buyers of incentive travel experiences, learn about best practice in incentive travel delivery and access unique education and certification to advance your status as a professional.

Language: English


Trends in the teambuilding industry

Led by: Matjaž Jug, ETC Adriatic

15.00 – 15.45, Urška 1 hall

About the lecture: Want to know how team building programmes will look in virtual reality? This is just one of the trends that are spreading at an incredibly fast pace, not to mention all the other programmes on the rise. The workshop will showcase seven global trends in 2019, peculiarities of the local and foreign market and differences between clients. Catch the trends of the future!

About Matjaž: Matjaž is owner and CEO of ETC Adriatic, a corporate events company that specialises in the Adriatic region of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy, which has served over 200 companies to date. Matjaž works in tourism for over a decade; he regularly shares his entrepreneurial experience with startups. 

Language: Slovenian